How to use this Online Resource

How to use this Online Resource

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This Online Resource is an initiative of Community Business’ ‘Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees’ campaign. It is specifically designed to encourage companies to address the topic of LGBT inclusion in their organisations in Asia and support the adoption of best practice.

Online Resource Sponsors

Community Business thanks Barclays and Goldman Sachs for their financial sponsorship of this Online Resource.

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We are developing the content for this Online Resource in line with the recommendations of our LGBT Resource Guides for Employers in Hong Kong and India. We will build the content over time, prioritising our focus on the issues that come up most often, including:

  • LGBT Employee Networks in Asia
  • Engaging LGBT Allies in Asia
  • LGBT Employees and Partner Benefits

 How to Use This Online Resource

We hope the resources on this site will help you make progress in putting LGBT on your corporate agenda. We encourage you to:

  • Browse the resources found on this website.
  • Share your success stories from the region for us to promote.
  • Share questions or comments – via our LinkedIn page
  • Reach out to Community Business if you need further information or support. Contact Kevin Burns by email at