Engaging Allies

The struggle for equality and acceptance for LGBT individuals in the workplace cannot be achieved by the LGBT community alone.  It relies on the support of open-minded and compassionate allies who recognise the challenges and are committed to breaking down barriers to inclusion.  But what does it mean to be an ally and what are effective ways that companies can harness the energy of such champions to bring about a positive culture change in the workplace?

Engaging Allies Articles

  • Active Allies: Presentation by Todd Sears at the “Engaging Allies Forum”

    Many cultures around Asia can still be described as traditional and conservative in many respects. For the most part, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals are not considered within the ‘norms’ of society and the majority of LGBT individuals in Hong Kong lead dual lives, concealing their identity for [...]

  • Setting up an Ally Programme

    As companies recognise the business imperative for addressing LGBT issues in the workplace, many are looking at how to go about creating a more inclusive culture for their LGBT employees.  The starting point for many companies is to set up an LGBT employee network – and a lot of time [...]

  • Goldman Sachs, Allies campaign, India

    Learn more about Goldman Sachs’ Allies campaign in India.

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