LGBT Employee Networks

As companies seek to address LGBT inclusion in their workplaces in Asia, an LGBT employee network is where many companies focus their efforts.  An LGBT employee network – also often referred to as an employee resource group or affinity group, can be instrumental in creating a more inclusive work environment and offers benefits not just for the individuals involved but for the company as a whole.  Yet launching and managing an LGBT network can be challenging – particularly in different markets in Asia, where sensitivities around this subject remain high.  Time and attention needs to be given to addressing this in a way that is appropriate to the local market conditions.   Drawing on international best practice as well as first-hand experience from the region, this section provides insights and advice to inform your strategy.

LGBT Employee Networks Articles

  • 10 Key Steps to Setting up an LGBT Employee Network in Asia

    Setting up an LGBT employee network is no simple task. Many companies find it hard to get started and for those that are able to get started discover it is just as easy to lose momentum. For companies looking to get started in certain markets in Asia the task can [...]

  • Top LGBT Employee Network Activities in Asia

    If you’re struggling to come up with a programme for your LGBT Employee Network, here are some ideas. Community Business’ has come up with a list of the Top LGBT Employee Network Activities – compiled from talking to companies in the region.

  • Why an LGBT Employee Network?

    Depending on how an employee network is organised, there can be different benefits to the organisation. Yet here are some more general benefits: Promotes diversity and inclusion: Even on the surface, supporting an employee network is a clear demonstration of a company’s commitment to inclusion. Over time, an LGBT employee [...]

Perspectives from Asia

  • Interview with Paul Choi, Co-Head, LGBT network in Asia ex-Japan, Goldman Sachs

    Paul Choi is the Global co-head of Goldman Sachs University and also co-heads the LGBT employee network in Asia ex-Japan. Paul was born and raised in Hong Kong and has played a leadership role in helping to establish the different LGBT employee networks across the region. Community Business interviewed Paul [...]

  • Interview with Shwetha Pai, Gaygler, Google

    Thank you for agreeing to share your story with us, Shwetha. Can you tell us a little about Google’s LGBT employee network? Our network is called Gayglers. It is open to LGBT employees, friends and allies and we have chapters in every country Google operates in. Each chapter has its [...]

  • Interview with Jeff Selamutu, ‘TurnOut’ Lead, Turner Broadcasting

    Community Business sat down with Jeffrey Selamutu, Lead of Turner’s LGBT employee network in Hong Kong, cleverly titled ‘TurnOut’. Jeff is new to the role, taking up the reins in early 2012, even before the network officially launched in May 2012. Jeff gives us his unique perspective on getting an [...]